News from the Lab

LDM - 09 March 2022

We welcome Dr. Insan Nugraha to our research group as a tenure-track researcher.

LDM - 28 February 2022

We welcome Dr. Angga Hermawan to our research group as a tenure-track researcher.

LDM - 01 February 2022

Our collaborative work with Solid-State Quantum Transport Group at Tohoku Univ. on detection of even-denominator fractional quantum Hall state in a confined geometry has been published online in Applied Physics Express. Read the paper here. Press...

LDM - 18 January 2022

We are on Twitter to showcase our works and activities to the World!

LDM - 06 January 2022

A number of postdoctoral fellowship, visiting research program, and research assistantship are available at our research institute. Find out more about the programs here (in Bahasa Indonesia and English) or email us.

LDM - 12 December 2021

Andri won the third place in the Merch Young Scientist Award Indonesia!. The biannual event is organized by Merch Indonesia in recognition of the contributions made by Indonesian life scientists. Hearty congratulation to Andri and all the winners!