Group Members

Our current group members listed alphabetically

Andri Hardiansyah

Team coordinator

Andri received his doctoral degree in Material Science from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in 2015. His research interests include graphene oxides, reduced-graphene oxides, and graphene based colloidal quantum dots. He can be reached at andri.hardiansyah[at]

Fredina Destyorini

Research staff

Dina received her master degree in Metallurgy & Material Engineering from University of Indonesia in 2016. She is a JSPS RONPAKU fellow at Osaka University under supervision of Prof. Hiroshi Uyama. Her research interests are conversion the biomass waste into graphitic carbon material and its applications. She can be reached at fred007[at]

M. Hamzah Fauzi

Research staff

Hamzah received his doctoral degree in Physics from Tohoku University in 2013. He is currently working on fluorescence nanodiamond and quantum transport in one dimensional systems. He can be reached at moha065[at] or moha042[at]

Rike Yudianti

Research staff

Rike received her doctoral degree in Physics from Kyoto University. Her current research interest is on developing electrocatalyst, photocatalyst and carbon-based flexible and wearable electronics. Dr. Rike can be reached at rike001[at]

Riyani T. Yulianti

Research Assistant

Riri received a bachelor degree in chemistry from University of Pertamina in 2020. She involves in a number of projects including fiber smart sensing and development ZnO and TiO2 thin films on flexible substrates photocatalyst for dye degradation.

Surip Kartolo


Surip runs a mechanical workshop specializing in manufacturing a custom-made equipment.

Yuyun Irmawati

Research staff

Yuyun received her master Degree in Materials Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2017. Her research interests is on functionalization of carbon nanotube (CNT) for transparent condutive films (TCF) and elctrocatlyst for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). She is also developing platinum-free electrocatalyst materials based on nitrogen-doped carbon. She can be reached at yuyun.irmawati[at] or irmawatiyuyun[at]