A spin system in nitrogen vacancy center (NV center) contained in nano-diamond is actively being exploited for quantum sensing. Among several existing electronic states in NV center, the spin of a negatively charge NV center (NV) can be optically initialized by green laser and read out its red fluorescence, while its spin state can be manipulated by radio frequency magnetic fields. All the operations can be conveniently done at room temperature. NVcenter is able to sense many physical quantities with superior sensitivity including magnetic field and electric field quantifications, temperature, mechanical vibration, as well as pH level. Furthermore, nanodiamond is known to have extraordinary photo-stability and high bio-compability. We are interested in using those excellent modalities for bio-marker applications including cell labelling, imaging, and sensing.

The project, started in FY 2021, is carried out in collaboration with Dr. Yulianti Herbani (Laser group), Dr. Yusuf Nur Wijayanto and Ken Paramayuda, M.Phil. (Microwave, acoustic, and photonics group), and Dr. Ahmad Randy (Analytical chemistry group).